Gujranwala Electric Power Company

GEPCO, a Gujranwala Electric Power Company, is a responsible and useful company providing an electricity supply to all Gujranwala and its interlinked cities, including Narowal, Sialkot. It’s effortless to go to a shop and ask for the duplicate print bill depending upon your need, but what if you cannot go outside for several reasons? Do not worry; here is a service that we are providing about the same prints of GEPCO that is all about your needs in this regard.

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What is GEPCO?

GEPCO is one of the essential and beautiful companies that provide electricity and bills to all communities living here. It was introduced on 25th April and 1998 by the Gujranwala Board of Directors. From that time, it is working to better all people in electricity to provide its services. The primary purpose is to look after all the electricity matters in a well-managed way which s useful for all common public. It is one of the most significant online serves to all ordinary citizens in this field.

Who are we?

We are a group of the online field providing a unique and unique service in this online field. It is about to tale double prints of the online bill which you may need to pay your account or for any other purpose in actual. It is one of the safest platforms which provide hence to take print of your bills juts free of cost. There are complete guidelines about the bills and their payments in the next sections, providing several free services to all.

GEPCO Print Tool

GEPCO print tool is one of beautiful and trusted too, which we are providing to you all. Here are some tips for using this tool, which is helpful for you. Although it’s straightforward to use any software or tool as you need to enter some text there and then follow what they say. But still, you need a complete and unique step to follow gradually, especially for you are a newbie. Here I am going to mention some essential and unique steps for you all:

Let’s know about these steps without waiting for more:

  • Open the research bar given above and mention the name there, i.e., given your identity depending upon the requirement (enter your 14 digit reference number on the search bar)
  • Hit the submit button and see if your detail is precisely according to your information
  • The very next and last step is to hit the print button and see your print is ready
  • Note: Feel free to ask any question in the comments if you feel some resistance while doing this all. T is a way to save your time, money, and energy, which you may spend while going to an outside shop and working there.

Print Guidelines

Some of the print guidelines which you may need while working is given as follows:

  • Click page setup, which is the first step you perform just after you see your information
  • You can select any size of page deepening upon your need and requirements but keep in mind that a4 size of paper is right to use
  • The header and footer show several values; hit the delete button or crop them all, which is the better option anyway
  • Select the position of the size and page (we recommend to use portrait)
  • Then click the okay button after doing this all
  • Complete all steps? Good, now press the print button and enjoy it

Why use us?

Here are the essential questions that people ask: Why use us as there are several other platforms to use, although they are good to use? Good, I am going to discuss the reasons why to use us and the services we provide:

Print Your Bill Free of Cost

Our platform’s first and foremost purpose is to give your print services free of cost for you all. Many venues provide services free of charge, but they offer credits at the end, although they are free. But the print billing service that we provide does not offer any credits or money and give this all without any cost. Hence, it provides all in one turn without spending your money.

Provide Plus Services

It provides print billing services free of cost and offers several free services that undeniably attract millions of people in daily life to all of you. All types of information about GEPCO, i.e., regular updates on the print bill, are available, enhancing interests. It is because updating regularly is the leading and second priority that we provide. We have updated our online bill system and providing SNGPL SuiGas Duplicate Bill as well.

View Your Electricity Bill

Here you can view your electricity bill and change it or open a request depending upon your need, and hence you can eliminate the risks of any wrongful conduct.

Final Verdicts

To use GEPCO and printing bills now a day is necessary and needed work as it saves your energy, time, and budget. It provides several other benefits as well. We are providing you an online platform where you can print your bill comfortably and fantastically. In the end, feel free to ask any questions or suggestions. We are always here to appreciate your queries.


Here are some FAQs regarding GEPCO and its related queries by people.

What if I saw the wrong information in my bill?

The first and essential thing you must do is request the customer options, and hence your information may correct within a few times.

What is meant by GEPCO?

GEPCO stands for Gujranwala Electric Power Company, which provides electricity bill and related services in this region is a well practical way.

What is meant by WAPDA, and what is its relation with GEPCO?

WAPDA is the Water and Power Development Authority, which is the main project handing all electricity matters. GEPCO is subfields of WAPDA which follow instructions.

What in case of a false reading of bills?

In case of wrong bills, you need to contact the headquarter of GEPCO to avoid any immoral permanent conduct.