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Gujranwala is one of the most beautiful cities located in the country of Pakistan. Gujranwala; also known as the ‘City of Wrestles’ is popular for its food and culture. Many people tend to relocate to Gujranwala because of its exquisite atmosphere. Gujranwala has been recently developed at the inter-city level. 

The federal government has started developing housing societies for the underprivileged people of the city as well as those with quick money. Many people cannot afford rents and don’t have a permanent place to stay. 

In recent years, there has been the construction of many housing schemes like LE PARIS, Ajwa City and many more out of which the DHA Gujranwala housing scheme is one. The DHA Gujranwala is a very well-reputed and famous place in the city. It is a very beautifully constructed area. It has the necessary stability and urban planning that any housing scheme should include. 

Moreover, if we talk about the art and designing concepts, DHA Gujranwala has no match. It is developed in such an elegant way that captivates the residents as well as the visitors. DHA Gujranwala is not only composed of houses but also a number of essentials for a common person. 

On a regular basis, we do not only require a home, but also educational institutions, Superstores, relaxing amusement parks, etc. DHA Gujranwala has all of those components. In summary, DHA Gujranwala has the perfect Defense environments for everyone who loves to live life in the posh area. 

DHA Gujranwala contains everything you look for in a lifestyle environment. It delivers to every common person’s every need. That’s why it is highly reputed. 

Below, we will discuss exclusive features of the area. 



The most important factor of the relocation process is the location. How near your necessities is a place located? Most people keep on paying heavy rents due to locating problems, they cannot find a place that meets their needs. 

The housing area should be composed of all the essentials and located at a place where all necessities are easily accessible. This is a very crucial point that most housing societies miss out on when preparing their project or housing scheme. The developmental and structural plan should be so fine that either the area is constructed in the premises of all of our regular essentials, or it should contain them within the area. 

Due to this factor, many housing societies miss out on a higher customer audience. But, luckily for us, DHA Gujranwala is located at a place not so far from the basic necessities of life. DHA Gujranwala is located at a pace 1-min drive from the GT road- which is the core of the Gujranwala city. The GT road has everything that you could possibly need. It’s an area filled with supermarkets, hospitals, ATMs, and banks. That is why DHA has a pro of being located so close to the main road of the city. 

DHA Gujranwala also falls directly into links with many other places. To help you understand better, we have made these details into a list. 

  • DHA falls directly into the Gujranwala Cantt, it has instant access to that area. This is great considering the fact that the Cantt has a lot of beneficial things located within. 
  • If you’re familiar with the Rahwali Cantt Chenab gate then you would know that the DHA Gujranwala is located very near to it. That area can also be easily approached through this route. 
  • DHA is also convenient in terms of traveling- it is located just near the railway station of Gujranwala city. It is a maximum of 15-20 mins away from the railway station. 
  • Everybody uses Daewoo Buses for multiple purposes. Keeping that in view, DHA Gujranwala is only a couple of minutes away from the Daewoo Bus Terminal. 
  • Gujranwala’s old town is also located near the DHA Gujranwala. It’s a few minutes away. You are really at the benefit of visiting your relatives anytime you want. 
  • If you have a family at Wazirabad, you would be happy to know that this housing scheme is only half an hour away from it. 
  • Now, last but not least, DHA GRW is located only 10-12Km away from the main city. This is a plus point because most housing schemes are located so far away from the city that they require you a spare day to visit and shop. 


The developers at DHA have made this excellent scheme in Gujranwala after recent attempts in Lahore, Karachi, and Multan. But visitors have claimed that DHA Gujranwala is more magnificent than the previous models. DHA Gujranwala is highly developed and occupies about 1000 acres of land. Most of the land is constructed and some of it is under construction. 

dha gujranwala

DHA GRW possesses houses of intricate and modern designs, the overall definition of the place is incredible. The posh area is so well-made that its beauty captivates and attracts many people. A lot of privileged people have already moved to the DHA Gujranwala housing society and some have also registered for un-constructed plots. The whole scenario of the place is entirely beautiful. 

As we know that Gujranwala is located in central Punjab on the Pothwar Plateau. Hence, it possesses the cultural details and finesses found in other Punjab areas. It is also in proximity to the Khairan area and Jhelum- two very gorgeous places in Pakistan. This proximity states that the traveling opportunities are great. 

dha gujranwala hospital

There have been many developments at DHA GRW in the past year. But, the detail that stands out is the development of a ‘Dreamed Entry’ connection. This is a place that links Gujranwala Cantt and DHA Gujranwala together. This update came about 2 weeks ago from the creators and owners of DHA. They have mentioned further, that this is not the only development coming in recent months. 

gujranwala dha school

Hence proven, DHA Gujranwala will be an improvement of all previous models present in different cities. It is not completely developed but still has gained such huge popularity and audience with its well-built, beautiful infrastructure, and overall architecture.


The DHA Gujranwala is still underdeveloped. Though, you can still pay installments and registration fees. The area of land it offers ranges from 5 marlas to 10 marlas and 1-2 Kanals. The 10 marlas piece of land is of a total price of about 1.9 million while the 1 Kanal file ranges up to 3.3 million. Through this pricing, you can estimate that this is a very posh area and less likely for people who do not obtain quick money. The nature of installments is also pretty slick for the variety of land DHA Gujranwala offers. 

You don’t have to pay installments on a monthly basis but rather annually. Each installment has a fixed price that has to be paid annually. The installments with respective pieces of land are mentioned below. 

  • 5 marla – 23,750. 
  • 10 marla – 35,000. 
  • 1 kanal- – 57,000. 

As you can observe, the installment process is very easy and the installments are pretty reasonable as per the annual rate. For registration forms, you can fill those out online. All you have to do is provide the department your essential basic info, please note, the info should not be false. After filling the form you can get a property reserved and pay the first installments. Also, you can shift anytime you want which is convenient. 

If you are unable to find and fill out a registration form online, you can easily find it on this page. Please click the link below to direct you to the main website where you can fill out a registration form. 



Like any good area, DHA GRW also contains excellent features and details. These details are very thorough and they make up most of the big picture. Every good area requires its components to be well-furnished, sanitary, relaxing, and perfect for the residents. The same is the case for DHA Gujranwala. Here we will discuss how well the DHA Gujranwala has been developed. 


DHA Gujranwala has been developed through a very high-quality housing project. The quality is reflected by the constructive program and the infrastructure. It captivates the visitors, guests, and mostly the residents. The developers have taken immense care of the people’s needs while creating this DHA project for Gujranwala. It is one of the best and most incredible posh areas in Pakistan. 


The DHA GRW development plan has been equipped with modern facilities. As mentioned earlier, it is a total posh area. Hence, the developers have missed no detail in completely capturing that thought through the construction process. In the housing area of DHA Gujranwala, you will find everything that a person of this modern age requires. It has every facility and detail that everyone, whether guests or residents, will love. The whole program of DHA Gujranwala is very highly developed and unmatched. It has been reported to outshine the previous DHA housing societies in various other big cities of Pakistan. 


Every good housing scheme devotes a major portion of it to education. Education is the main priority for everyone living in any area of the world. Similarly, the DHA GRW housing society has created exceptional educational plans for the children and adults living in that area. As we know that DHA has many forms and branches in various other cities of the country, it has also planned high-quality education for its residents here. There are a few educational institutions within the housing area or can be found near it. DHA GRW has been constructed only a 1-min drive away from the main GT road- the house of all the essentials in Gujranwala- it also contains a few higher education institutions in the city. 


DHA Gujranwala has been developed for the public. And taking high notice of the environmental factors, it also has a lot of greenery within. Its infrastructure has been developed in such a way that greenery can be found everywhere. Not only on the roads but also in the forms of amusement parks and other public areas. All the public facilities are beautiful and filled with greenery which is great considering that a high horticulture environment is a healthier one. 


People residing in an area are mainly concerned about their security. For that purpose, the developers at DHA have maintained a very secure system. The surveillance is up to date and working 24/7. The people are constantly under surveillance outside their homes and at places such as the ATMs, banks, shopping malls, amusement parks, etc. The whole DHA GRW is gated and many people have personal guards outside their homes. Despite that, there’s also patrol in the whole DHA area. Hence, the whole community of residents in the DHA housing scheme of Gujranwala is secured and under the watchful eye of the authority. 


DHA Gujranwala not only has a variety of excellent features but also has the many essential resources developed within the town. It comprises medical aids for every member of the community.The housing society has magnificent, international-styled hospitals. The hospitals have every essential instrument for the people residing within the DHA Gujranwala housing scheme. 

  • HOTELS: 

DHA Gujranwala has 5-star hotels located within the town. To complete the big picture of DHA gujranwala, the authorities have developed incredible restaurants for the people to dine in. Hence, the people of Gujranwala enjoy a modern lifestyle living in the DHA town. 


The installments made in the DHA Gujranwala town are incredible. The owners have established a n underground electrical system in the housing area for the safety of the residents. The outer electrical wiring is more prone to causing hazards in the area because of many accidents that tend to occur. Hence, to make the environment more secure the housing authorities have made electrical installments underground. 


You can contact the authorities for further details about the DHA Gujranwala housing scheme at: 




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