Gepco Mission

Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited (GEPCO) – Vision & Mission

 The Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited (GEPCO) was established from the former Area Electricity Board’s jurisdiction and infrastructure development network, which was established in the early 1980s. The new neighborhood includes Gujranwala, Hafizabad, Sialkot, Narowal, Gujrat, and Mandi Bahauddin.

GEPCO was established on April 25, 1998, and received its articles of registration on June 5, 1998. Management and administration are overseen by a Board of Directors (BOD).

The Government of Pakistan (GOP) agreed in the 1960s to create a separate and decentralized Authority to deal with all available water resources as well as the power system network, which included power generation, transmission, and delivery.

The Water And Power Development Authority (WAPDA), Pakistan’s second-largest organization after the Pakistan Army, was created. WAPDA’s power distribution network was split into two Area Electricity Boards (AEB) in the 1980s, and Gujranwala was one of the AEBs amongst those various Electricity Boards dealing with electrical power.

WAPDA was split into two major sectors in 1998, PEPCO and WAPDA. WAPDA was limited to dealing only with water resources and hydro-generation, while PEPCO (Pakistan Electric Power Company) was identified as the total in-charge/company of Thermal Energy (GENCOs: Generation Companies), Transmitting (NTDC: National Transmission & Transfer Company), and Distribution (DISOs: Distribution Companies).

PEPCO was established as a temporary in-charge company for GENCOs, NTDCs, and DISCOs, with the intention of being dismantled once these companies began totally independent under the auspices of their respective BODs (Board of Directors)

Gepco Founding Principles, Goal, and Purpose


To be a leading power distribution company that provides ethical and long-term customer care.


We are dedicated to providing a safe and stable Electric Power Supply to all of our valued customers by using technical approaches, dependable human and organizational resources, and a focus on meeting goals and providing high-quality services.

Fundamental Values

  • Code of Ethics

In our everyday activities, we are committed to upholding high ethical standards of conduct and personal honesty.

  • Management

Our seniors are in charge of their subordinates. They give them the path, the means, and the resources they need to succeed. They’re also dedicated to encouraging, promoting, and inspiring people to rise.

  • Quality Culture

Our corporate culture represents an atmosphere that values and rewards leadership, creativity, and accomplishments at all levels. We promote trustworthiness by having open conversations with our staff, exchanging facts, expertise, and experience, and treating each other with respect.

  • Collaboration

Sound plan and implementation necessitate the collaboration of various talents in order to achieve shared goals. The desire to learn, observe and perceive one another is highly valued.

  • Accountability

Individually and collectively, We are responsible for our actions and jobs. We invite criticism and hold ourselves to a high standard.

  • Integrity

As people, we have dignity, and as a team, we make decisions that are truthful and equitable.

Technical Secretariat

The Directorate is led by Chief Engineer BPS-20 officers and is based at GEPCO headquarters. The Technical Directorate GEPCO’s responsibilities include:

  1. Electricity distribution, sub-transmission, and grid station planning and design.
  2. Material procurement for these production and system expansion projects.
  3. Improvement and expansion of the framework are being worked on..

Gepco’s Department of Planning and Engineering

The Planning & Engineering Department, led by the Chief Engineer, is where GEPCO’s academics congregate. The company’s engineers meet to prepare and design pitches to handle and maintain the current distribution network (HT/LT Lines) and to prepare how to meet the company’s potential requirements in order to assist the company’s worthy customers.

The P&E department is outfitted with the most up-to-date tools and technology (GIS). GEPCO was the first organization to use a Geographical Information System to map all of its networks and lines.

  • To plan for functional guidance in all technical operations in order to ensure the distribution system’s reliable and cost-effective operation.
  • Since there are so many voltage levels and types of equipment available, deciding on the most cost-effective combination is difficult.
  • To forecast the need for system expansion in order to provide sufficient and consistent service to valued customers.
  • Implement the authority’s planning and engineering standards and specifications.
  • Administrating the issuance of work orders for high tension (H.T) and low tension (L.T) As part of the energy loss minimization and redistribution of power programs, proposals for enhancement of the distribution systems are being developed.
  • Encourage the use of cutting-edge technologies in device analysis so that reliable results can be obtained for proper parameter evaluation.
  • To understand system limitations in order to troubleshoot them and reduce system losses.
  • Authorization and Creation of Housing Schemes‘ External Electrification
  • Electrification of Multistory Buildings/Shopping Plazas: Approval and Design
  • Preparation of a Distribution System Rehabilitation and Extension Plan, as well as the issuing of work orders for it
  • Inspection of job orders that have been completed
  • Load flow experiments in the distribution network
  • Tenders for the procurement of materials are adjudicated on a technical basis.
  • Keeping track of 11kv feeder records and data
  • The database of 11kv feeders is being updated.
  • Transmission line load flow studies and design/development proposals for Transmission Lines and Grid Stations
  • Inspection of products procured for projects

Operation Secretariat

This directorate is the company’s backbone, with about 80% of the company’s employees reporting to it. The directorate’s primary responsibility is to monitor, regulate, and maintain all distribution systems for the continuous delivery of electricity to our valued customers. Other responsibilities include thread and grid system installation and maintenance.

Department of Technical Services

All energy meters are tested, calibrated, and repaired by the Technical Services Department, as is the implementation of peak power meters. Manager Technical Services (M&T), who is in charge of general partner areas, leads the team (City, Cantt, Gujrat, Sialkot, and Narowal).

In addition, GEPCO operates two Transformer & Reclamation Workshops in Gujranwala and Sialkot, which are responsible for the repair and maintenance of distribution transformers.

Department of Safety

The Safety Department, which is led by a Deputy Manager, ensures that the system is run in accordance with legislative requirements for the employee and public safety. Employee safety parades and regular checks are conducted to ensure that working conditions are safe and that workers are properly trained in safety precautions.

Finance Secretariat

The Chief Financial Officer leads GEPCO’s Finance Directorate, serves as the company’s financial advisor, oversees all financial operations, and assists management in rational decisions.

Construction Project Manager

The department’s primary responsibility is to carry out the physical implementation of the plans that the P&E department has designed and prepared. GEPCO’s Project Construction Circle is led by a Manager/SE officer. Engineer may be a term that describes a private

Directorate of Human Resources and Administration

HR & Administration Directorate, reporting to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, oversees the selection and placement of “right people on right jobs,” as well as improving their enthusiasm, morale, and job performance, in order to help the company achieve its goals.

The Human Resource and Administration Directorate at GEPCO is comprised of highly qualified and educated professionals with a strong analytical mindset.

Directorate of Customer Service

Under the direction of the Customer Service Director, the Customer Service Director monitors company efficiency and ensures the enforcement of given department, as well as the control and maintenance of the healing process.

Project Management Unit

GEPCO Project Management Unit, under the direction of Chief Engineer Development, works to facilitate the accomplishment of all Development Works to be carried out under Donor Agency Investment Programs, as well as GEPCO thus has involved the Planning, Scheduling, Procurement, Safeguard, and Finance. Manager Planning & Scheduling, Manager Procurement, and Manager Finance are the other primary leaders.

Department of Material Handling

Behind our field forces is the house of force. The department’s primary duty is to ensure that our valued customers have access to electricity around the clock, as well as the protection of our valuable professional operational workers.

Legal Department

In all legal matters and labor-management affairs, the Addl: D.G. (Legal & Labour) assists GEPCO management. He is in charge of the following: –

  1. To provide advice in cases referred by the field formations and GEPCO
  2. An administration that has been resolved against GEPCO.
  3. GEPCO’s legal counsel has been retained to defend and institute lawsuits in the courts.
  4. Organize Works Council sessions, post minutes, and follow through on the council’s actions.
  5. For peace and tranquility, efforts to address labor disputes through dialogue/negotiations with the CBA Union.
  6. GEPCO’s appropriate government examines pension cases for countersignature.
  7. In fatal accident cases, keep track of and expedite the payment of legal dues.
  8. Both welfare-related problems are being addressed as well.
  9. Secretary of the Scrutiny Committee in charge of determining the right date of birth in the event of tampering, overwriting, or erasing.
  10. During the fiscal year 2013-14, I served as Secretary Legal Committee BOD GEPCO.

Public Relation

GEPCO Public Relations / Media Cell is occupied with a high degree of passion and dedication in promotional campaigns for the group, forming strong & long-term relationships with Mass Media people vis-à-vis respected customers (both internal and external) by putting its best skills, talents, capacities, and efforts to work.

To maintain our distinguished place among all companies in the same trade in Pakistan, its highly motivated and experienced staff are also pursuing interpersonal contact with the public in order to establish an energy-saving approach and eliminate the common misunderstanding

IT Secretariat

At Head Quarters and at the circular level, the Management Information System Department is led by a Supervisor (MIS) who works with the software and functional team to carry out the assigned objectives. You can easily Download & Print out Domestic & Industrial Electricity Bills here.

Tasks in General
  1. Maintaining and maintaining the standardized service of WAPDA Computer Center, Hqrs, and Lahore applications.
  2. At the Headquarters and Circle stages, ensuring a standardized and efficient operating framework.
  3. Managing application processes in collaboration with the company’s different divisions.
  4. All regularly scheduled computerized systems will be consolidated.

Department of Information Systems (IS)

GEPCO’s Information Systems Department (IS) was introduced in August 2002. The sole goal was to overcome Information Technology challenges and seize potential prospects in order to guarantee the company’s survival in a competitive industry.

The IS Department’s main goal was to create information systems that would aid managerial decision-making while also achieving the core goal of improving efficiency by maximizing the use of available financial, technological, and human capital.

It has four Circle offices in Gujranwala (IT HQ), Gujrat, Sialkot, and Narowal, all of which are led by the Manager (MIS).

Safeguards for the Environment and Society

GEPCO’s conventional market operations are incorporating environmental and social safeguards in evolving scenarios by representing the need for and integration in existing business laws.

It is the duty to act in conformity with various agreements, the enforcement of the Electricity Distribution License, Section 12 of the Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOs) Environmental and Social Standards, and the Pakistan and Punjab Nature Conservation Act.

GEPCO has implemented SOP (Environmental & Social Safeguard) in order to portray a more public-friendly image that is in line with GEPCO’s adage of providing ethical and sustainable customer services.

GEPCO is preparing and implementing Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)/Initial Environmental Examinations, Resettlement Plans (RP), Land Acquisition Resettlement Plans (LARP), and Environmental Management Plans (EMP) for all of its projects.

Continuous training of management, vendors, and staff (on-site/off-site) is essential for minimizing project impacts and ensuring smooth business results. It is essential to emphasize that valiant efforts combined with candor, amity, and a variety of approaches will yield results.

Realizing that every stakeholder, including environmental and social factors, plays a vital role in achieving goals supports the company’s goal-oriented approach. In the current state of affairs, all relevant international and national environmental and social management laws and regulations are being followed in order to strengthen the existing structure.

Company rules are being changed to offer quality services by implementing new environmental and social management technology while also enhancing customer support by resolving customer complaints.