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Le Paris – A Premium Housing Society in Gujranwala

The beautiful city of Gujranwala in Pakistan, filled with exquisite views and magnificent architectural treasure has finally been taken notice of in terms of housing societies. The city is filled with rich culture and amazing food. It ranks as Pakistan’s 5th city in terms of high population. It’s also the country’s 5th most populated metropolitan area.

The City Of Wrestlers is famous for its food. Le pairs Gujranwala is a magnificent housing society by Mahmood Iqbal. With a promise to provide an entirely civilized environment. The Le Paris Gujranwala housing society contains the most incredible details that are none less than the first world’s criterion.

The whole idea has influenced investors to invest in a safe and reassuring environment. The housing society is gorgeous to visit and a completely safe and family-friendly environment to live in. The investments are made easy and the registration forms can be easily attained. The registration also has a very reasonable rate. Overall, the entire atmosphere of the society is eco-friendly and beautiful.

Location of Le Paris:

Le Paris Gujranwala can be found near the Ottawa Tol Plaza at Sialkot Road, behind the Master factory Gujranwala. The whole area is comprised of a total of 4800 acres, containing every possible characteristic a person living in the city needs. Location is always the primary factor when you’re looking to relocate or settle somewhere. In this case, the whole area is so magnificent and gorgeous that you will not be able to find a single flaw in the whole area.

For something that took months of the expert team’s intuition and time to develop- the Le Paris Gujranwala, housing scheme is definitely a work of art. The location where this whole area is allotted was chosen after thorough consideration. The Le Pairs Gujranwala is located on the GT road and is expected to be found near City Housing Gujranwala.

le paris gujranwala map

GT road is known to be at the center of the whole city, hence, any common person is easily comfortable in that area as it contains almost everything that’s available in the city. Many main institutions are located on the GT road. You can find banks, school institutes, hospitals, marriage halls, and food streets just around the corner. Thus, this housing scheme is allotted in an area nearly perfect for anyone who loves the city life, enjoys the instant availability of almost everything, and wants to stay near the action.

Le Paris Gujranwala; Details:

For the people who wish to reside in this housing society, the respective area offers a number of excellent features to meet their needs. The whole idea of this housing society being placed so exclusively at such a main part of the city is very intelligent. This society is one of the most highly reputable societies in the country. The facilities provided in the Le Paris Gujranwala society are at the utmost convenience of its residents. It has a number of exquisite details, which should be the priority concerns of any resident of any area.

le paris eifel tower

The system:

For a resident, the main concern is always how the system of an area is governed. This area comprises almost everything that’s located within a city. Some of the salient features of Le Paris Gujranwala are discussed here for your convenience.

  • ATMs and Banks are available within the society.
  • Parks located near almost every plot.
  • A grand mosque located at the center of the society.
  • Hospitals with extremely generous and hard-working staffs and sanitary environments.
  • An exclusive police station located within the society.
  • A safe and securely gated area like DHA Gujranwala is offering.
  • 24/7 Surveillance.
  • Uninterrupted electricity supply.
  • Water canal systems.
  • Fire stations for security and fire hazards in the area.
  • Colleges.
  • Landscapes.
  • Food streets and high-quality restaurants.
  • Eco-friendly environment.
  • Schools.
  • Post offices.
  • Separate car parking areas.
  • Business Area.
  • The second-largest Effiel Tower in the world is being constructed.

The project of the Le Paris Gujranwala:

This project has been regarded as the most excellent project plan in the entire Gujranwala city. The City of Wrestlers is built on the incredible plan of allotting an entire society on a total of 4800 acres- enough for any person, family, or guest to find almost everything instantly, and at their convenience.

The whole area has everything. It contains the luxuries of life and the necessities of a common man all in one frame. This 4800 acres of land does not have a single acre that went to waste or is not utilized in some way. The whole project is extremely intelligent which utilizes every piece of land in some very useful way. That is why society contains almost everything; from ATMs to banks and from Schools to colleges, a person of any age can adjust to this society without any inconvenience.

le gujranwala project view

Taken from the name- one can conclude that this project is based on a French design as the City of Love, Paris is located in France. The whole housing society under the name also reflects French designs and techniques. The whole idea is France-based. That is why it’s constructed in a very fine way. The authority wanted to make it look if not exactly then at least a bit like Paris, France.

They are even constructing what’s reported to be the world’s second-largest Effiel Tower. Paris, France is known and loved by tourists for that attracted and similarly, the map designers of this project wanted a similar attraction for this housing society. That is why it’s named Le Paris Gujranwala which translates roughly to ‘The Paris of Gujranwala.’

Development and Developers:

This housing scheme was developed by De Ville Paris. This company contains international professionals that have amazing skills and knowledge of construction. The CEO of Master Tiles Pakistan. The construction of the whole area speaks for itself. The area is beautifully designed and construction processes have been carried out with finesse. The whole area is constructed as a duplicate of the biggest city in France.

With French technique and architectural designs, the developers have created something extremely plausible. Anyone who wishes to relocate with Gujranwala or is looking to move to the City of Wrestlers is highly recommended to stay and rent a place in this beautiful housing society.

Its incredible development favors everyone; from children to people of old age, everyone can find engaging activities in the area. Its development secures the whole environment for the children to play in. The surveillance system is set to work 24/7 so, no one is left unsupervised or unattended outside of their homes. There is also a very low risk of crime and robbery as the area has a Police Station of its own. The development plan also ensures medical attention for everyone because it consists of well-made hospitals.

The money is protected via banks and ATMs located in the area for every resident’s convenience. There are also educational institutions for the children and teens to visit and nourish from. High-quality and necessary education is provided for them there. A separate girls’ college campus is also located in the area and there are several more essentials that we need on regular basis.

In short, this development plan has all the crucial elements of a person’s daily life. This is why this development plan has been regarded as of the most reputable projects in the city.

Registration Process:

Plot files are not available right now. Thus, for registration forms, the price is 115,000 which will be furthermore adjusted to around 140,000 when the plot files become available. The registration forms are on sale. You can get a form and register for a property.  The property you can claim per square feet is 1,125. All this area is roughly 19.4 square kilometers.

The Effiel Tower that’s being constructed in the Le Paris housing scheme will be about 200 meters. This replica will be the biggest replica in the world once constructed. The whole idea is to provide Pakistanis with a national European experience. The owner of the whole project claims that Pakistanis will not have to visit Europe for a genuine Paris experience.

The whole development is vastly funded and invested in. The area is highly modified- more than any housing society in the Gujranwala city and once you visit you will be immensely captivated and would want to move in the area that instant. Prior to the construction being completed, the registration forms have been put on sale at a reasonable price for people to purchase before the plot files are given out. The increase in price could interfere with someone’s budget and be inconvenient to someone else as well. That is why it is highly recommended that you complete your registration beforehand if you want to purchase a piece of land in the Le Paris Gujranwala housing society.

Payment plan- How to pay and when to make the payment:

Whether you are buying a property or purchasing on a lease, paying for the respective property is always the most crucial element for lifestyle stability. In any part of the world, when you observe more, you can see that the payment part of the process is the main priority for any seller or owner of a place. Everyone cares less about what you do to their property and more about how much you’re willing to pay. Payment has always been the only thing that one has to be careful about because it has to be made within the due dates and it’s always taken and asked for before the time when payment is due arises.

Most of the highly developed, defense areas lose their charm when it comes to payment planning. They overprice their areas which are not developed as much as they are priced so, that messes up the whole system and loses them, residents. When creating a public area you have to respect the needs of the people.

For this purpose, the developers at Le Paris have created a very manageable payment plan for their residents. Everyone can easily manage their payments through the plan devised by the owners of the area. This payment plan satisfies all of the customers.

The areas that are available for the customers to buy are 5-10 marla to 1 Kanal. And the payment plan is for three consecutive years with very simple installments. But, for now, only registration forms are available as the area is been constructed. Once completed, the prices will be a little higher than they are now; only for registration forms.

Please be certain to take notice of the fact that these prices for plots are just estimated values, only for the registration forms being put on sales are fixed but the prices for plots can increase or decrease depending upon the future improvements. To get more information about the accurate price of a piece of land per square feet you can contact the authorities. They will direct you to the information about how and when the installments for the property can be made.

Important facts:

The housing scheme not only has the luxuries of life but also takes notice of the less privileged people. Half of the world’s population does not make or possess quick money. Taking note of that fact, the owners will make about 800 acres of land for budget homes. All of this makes around about 39-40,000 low-cost houses. There are no reports on the location or prices but just that some of the property will benefit those with heavy incomes and some, with low incomes.

Residents will not be questioned about the money trail but the money attained illegally will be disregarded in this process. this housing scheme is a step In PM Pakistan’s NAYA PAKISTAN HOUSING SCHEMEReporters have claimed that if built this replica of the Effiel Tower will overshadow Bahria Town’s Effiel Tower which is comprised totally of about 80 meters.

The town’s architecture, design, and development process will be undertaken by France’s AREP Group and Renzo Piano Building Workshop.


To acquire more about the property installments and fixed rates of the piece of land being constructed in the Le Paris Gujranwala housing scheme, please contact the given number of the authorities of that area.

Call or WhatsApp at +92 3035532489.

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