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Pesco Online Bill – Peshawar Electric Supply Company

The Peshawar Electric Supply Company is concise as PESCO. As the name implies, it provides power to many Peshawar-related locations. Many electric supply companies in Pakistan have been founded by the Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA bill pesco), including PESCO Peshawar bill, LESCO, HESCO, MEPCO, and others. These sub-companies are now responsible for providing and managing electricity in their respective areas.

Check the Bill Here

Pesco online bills can be found here and can be downloaded and print out. Peshawar Electric Supply Company (Pesco website) is the abbreviation for Peshawar Electric Supply Company. Customers can check their Pesco bill online from this page. If you’re looking for a duplicate copy of online pesco bills, you’ve come to the right place. Then you’ve arrived at the right place. Complete instructions on how to obtain a duplicate copy of online pesco bills can be found.

Peshawar electric supply company’s electricity consumer bill’s principal goal is to oversee the transmission of kilowatts (k.W). Everyone can verify their Pesco bill online check utilizing the web system.

In terms of load shedding, several other organizations, in addition to PESCO, have been fighting for the same goal of supplying continuous electricity to their clients. But, as far as PESCO is concerned, it is doing an excellent job in every manner.

Companies like PESCO, which give attention to customers and strive to give them the best possible service, have always been ahead of the pack.

How to Check Pesco online bills

Checking Pesco’s electricity bill is a simple task. To examine Peshawar Electric Supply Company’s bill, follow the steps outlined below. You could also get a copy of your identical bill by downloading it. If you misplaced your bill or are unable to obtain it for some cause.

  • The basic steps would be used to check or obtain a Pesco on line bill.
  • The serial number is used to verify the bill.
  • You must type your 14-digit Arithmetic Registration Number into the box and then enter the password.
  • After that, you’ll need to provide your reference number. Your total electricity bill will be generated automatically.
  • You are willing to publish your bill.

Online billing system for Peshawar Electric Supply Company

Pesco has launched an online service for its customers. Everyone with access to the Peshawar energy supply company website platform can examine his or her account.

Several other connections are available on the website system, including phone numbers and email addresses for various officials. The user can seek assistance from it in the event of an issue with Peshawar Electricity Company.


PESCO is divided into eight rings, each of which covers around 1,204,621 acres of land. The following is a breakdown of the PESCO fenced area:

  • Bannu circle
  • Hazara-1 circle
  • Hazara-2 circle
  • Mardan circle
  • Peshawar circle
  • Swabi circle
  • Swat circle

We are Dedicated to Assisting Consumers

  • We operate an electric power system that provides power to your residence or company.
  • We properly and consistently attach your home or company to electrical power and manage that relationship.
  • In the event of a power outage or an emergency, we return your power.
  • For invoicing considerations, we check your meter and determine your expenditures.
  • We keep track of your user’s account’s recent and future usage, as well as any power supplier decisions you make.


Our goal is to provide a full-service electrical administration that expands with the needs of our clients. We are devoted to our neighborhoods and devoted to the efficiency and satisfaction of our employees. We are focused on dependability, morals, and integrity.


  • As a government service company, achieve and emphasize the importance of effectiveness, durability, and timeliness for a set of clients.
  • The safety of the general public and company employees will be a top priority for us.
  • It will be critical to keep and expand our company, employees, and client base.
  • Our solution will be implemented by our ability to form unique business connections both within and outside of our regional coverage area.

Objectives of the Company

  • Maintain, supplement, and grow an expense and reliable infrastructure as required to satisfy the needs of its customers.
  • To meet NEPRA’s specifications for reactive power fluctuation, skipping, breakdown offs, and power loss, among other things.
  • Basic distribution facility construction
  • Service Reliability Management
  • The safety of the general public and company employees will be a primary concern for us.
  • fast interactions with new clients to enable unlimited access to all of the company’s digitization
  • To guide the company through a profound societal change.
  • To raise the quality of the services
  • To prevent theft and boost business performance
  • In order to boost morale and competence

What is the procedure for obtaining a Reference Number?

The reference number is mandatory data for the specifics of your interaction. Obtaining the citation is a major issue. Stay with us; our website has detailed instructions including how to locate the registration number.

Furthermore, don’t be concerned; locating your reference number is not difficult. Since the 14-digit reference number is listed on the bill’s status bar, you only need your previous month’s bill. In any case, the corporation assigns a unique identifier to each meter interconnection.

How do I get a duplicate of the PESCO Consumer Bill?

What would you do if you misplaced your legislation? If the bill is forgotten or does not arrive at your residence or interchange as a result of someone else’s error, and you are unable to pay the payment. This isn’t a major issue. Nonetheless, you are unconcerned about this bill. PESCO gives a simple resolution to this situation by offering an online platform for PESCO duplicate bills.

To begin, enter the 14-digit bill registration number and then start typing on the login page. Finally, a duplicated version of your bill appears on the screen of your computer or Android device. Duplicate copies of your bill are simple to print. If the machine is unavailable or malfunctioning, the bill can be downloaded from the system.

Online billing system for Pesco Peshawar Electric Supply Company

Pesco has launched an online service for its customers. Someone with access to the Peshawar energy production company’s web system can examine their bill. Several other links are accessible online, including phone numbers and email addresses for various officers. In the event of an issue with Peshawar Electricity Company, the user can seek assistance.

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