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SEPCO Online Bill – Sukkur Electric Power Company

SEPCO (Sukkur Electric Power Company) was founded by splitting up HESCO (modified) such that the regions of business that were previously wholly under HESCO’s authority are now shared between different DISCOs. SEPCO is a newly formed corporation as a result of the MDP / GM /HR /Dir/ (O&M) /PEPCO /1632-99 announcement. Dated: July 26, 2010, and went into effect on August 16, 2010.

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HESCO has relinquished its traditional limits, which are now within SEPCO’s control, and a NOC has been provided in this connection. On November 23, 2010, the new firm was established under the Companies Ordinance with the S.E.C.P. SEPCO’s proposal for evaluation of grant of a Transmission License was accepted by NEPRA and publicized in the newspapers on April 7, 2011, for Public Proceedings.

SEPCO online bills bear a significant amount of requirements to ensure that our customers have a good quality of life. Because we are in such a vital business, we have all played a significant part as a team in achieving our common objective of a flourishing Sindh and Pakistan. Our primary focus should be on reducing losses, increasing revenue, and ensuring employee safety. In the case of a natural disaster, we are first responders. 

Our goal is for everyone to have a bright future. This is only feasible if we all work together as a family, from karkun to upper executives, and every one of us does our job well. May Allah helps us in our endeavors.


Sukkur Electric Supply Company’s objectives are to acquire/takeover assets, legal protections and guarantee as a gradual electricity distribution corporate, as well as to continue to extend/expand the security strategy, facilities, and actions to facilitate a seamless and reliable flow of electricity within the territorial barriers of Sindh Province with the superior customer service.

To cope with external issues for the residents of the SEPCO area’s advancement and development. To exceed client needs and provide dependable and consistent operations and maintain a high level of harmony with all of its technological facilities.

To ensure that its employees are working in a safe and comfortable place. To provide members and managers with possibilities for advancement. To achieve client happiness by providing a high level of customer service in a pleasant atmosphere. To be ethical in the text and intent of all relevant laws and company standards.


To guarantee power is readily available in the area of competence in order to reduce poverty, increase productivity, and make the agriculture and industry sectors globally competitive.

Bill Calculator of SEPCO:

This is the finest SEPCO online bill check estimation because it simply requires you to input units and it does the remainder. This bill estimation program is based on the current SEPCO online bill check scales and contains all major taxes, with the final predicted number being quite similar to the true payment date. So, input the number of items and see the estimated payment receipt and get your bill.

There are several options for paying your Iesco bill online. Almost all institutions now offer financial transactions using their online web applications and/or mobile applications. Simply ask your bank to activate bank transfers for you (if it is not already enabled) and take advantage of a variety of online services such as utility money transfer, mobile recharge, and funds transfer.

Duplicate Bill SEPCO:

For the consumer, there are a few issues to consider. What happens if a customer’s bills are forgotten or incorrectly substituted by the consignment? Don’t be concerned. Consumers can request a duplicate¬† SEPCO bill. Remain with us since this website has the answer to all of your concerns

To begin, enter your identifier to obtain a duplicate copy of your Sepco online bills. Finally, press CTRL+P on your computer to acquire a print of the bill and pay it. If you don’t have access to a printer, you can obtain the bill and save it to your desktop.

SEPCO Online Bill Payment Method:

You can pay your payment online using SEPCO online bills from your office, home, office, or anyplace by following easy actions. SEPCO bill provides a variety of payment options for customers’ convenience. Additionally, you may take advantage of other deals by downloading the bank’s android apps, visiting the bank’s online website, or using MobiCash and Easypaisa.

Sukkur Electricity Supply Company’s Service Areas

In Sukkur, the SEPCO is in charge of distributing electricity in the Sukkur zone. In addition, actively support referred to as:

  • Ghotki
  • Khairpur
  • Kandhkot/ Kashmore
  • Rahimyar Khan District
  • Jacobabad
  • Shikarpur
  • Larkana
  • Kamber / Shahdadkot
  • Dadu some area of Jamshoro District
  • Shaheed Benazirabad District

Moreover, SEPCO offers solutions to problems that affect customers in a specific area served by the Sukkur electric business. If a consumer in one of the above-mentioned regions has an electrical problem, they should contact the team’s staff. The group’s employees are available to assist consumers with their problems.

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